Season Tickets are $42 per show when
you choose between 5 and 9 shows!

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Choose between 5 and 9 different shows during the season to receive a discount of up to 27%! You can begin reserving your dates and seats immediately AFTER you purchase your Season Ticket bundle, or as you go throughout the season. Season Tickets are on sale now! Watch the instructional video, read the FAQ's then click the BUY button above to get started!

Please Note: Season Ticket and Group discounts for A Christmas Carol are only available on showings on and prior to December 12th.

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Online Season Ticket Frequently Asked Questions

Most common Season Ticket mistake: After you purchase your Season Ticket bundle, make sure you complete the entire checkout process when you reserve your seats! If you don’t get an order number and an email confirmation, you probably didn’t complete the order. Watch our full video tutorial on buying and reserving Season Tickets here:

I can’t log in. What can I do? Use the Password Recovery if you don’t remember your password. After several incorrect password attempts, your account will be locked and can only be unlocked again by contacting us. If you don’t remember your password after a few tries it is best to use the password recovery. Click “I forgot my password” and enter your email address on the next page. An email will be sent to you containing a temporary password. Try logging in again with the temporary password that was emailed to you.

I bought my Season Ticket bundle, now what? Purchasing the Season Ticket bundle is the first step. Once you have paid for your FlexPASS tickets, you can start booking your dates and seats on a new order. Remember, you only have 20 minutes to complete your order once you add tickets to your cart. It’s okay to book only a show or two at a time. Just make sure to check your receipts to make sure your tickets didn’t time out!

I bought my Season Ticket, why don’t I see the Season Ticket price when I book my tickets? You must be logged in to your account FIRST in order to reserve your Season Tickets, otherwise the Season Ticket price will not be available to you. In some cases, it may be necessary for you to log out and log back in for your account to recognize your available Season Tickets. If you’re still having a problem, there’s the possibility that you didn’t include the show you’re trying to book tickets for in your original purchase. To add Season Tickets for a show you didn’t purchase, call the Box Office.

Why weren’t the seats I clicked added to my order? If the seats you selected were not added to your order after you clicked the “Add to Order” button, you may have left a single seat. Unfortunately we are unable to leave single seats. Please try again by selecting a different seating combination.

Did my ticket reservation go through? An email confirmation will automatically be sent right after you complete an online order. You can also check the “Order History” tab under the My Account section when you are logged in to see your ticket purchases.

How do I add a show I didn’t originally purchase? You can add tickets to a show that you didn’t purchase in your original Season Ticket order by calling the Box Office.

Why is there a service fee when I book online? A $6 processing fee applies per order when you purchase season tickets regardless of ordering online, in person, or over the phone. This processing fee helps us cover the cost of printing and mailing renewal information for our season ticket holders.



How to Book an Online Season Ticket Video Tutorial

Access our step-by-step instructions by clicking here .