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Hale Theatre COVID-19 Information Page


We are excited to reopen!

Benchmarks set by the Governor and Arizona Department of Health and Safety have been met for Indoor Theaters to reopen in Maricopa County! We’ll be following the required safety protocols (and more) to ensure a safe theater experience for all. The following plan details what we’re doing to keep our audiences, actors, and employees safe.

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General Safety Overview




Limited Audience Capacity

Seating Capacity will be limited to under 38%. Every other row will be empty, with two seats left empty between each party attending a performance.


Physical Distancing

Physical distancing will be observed by patrons and employees. Separate line queues will be marked for seating, will call, concessions and bathrooms.


Face Coverings

ADHS requires that face coverings must be worn at all times except when actively eating or drinking while visiting the theater.


Organized Exit Plan

Audiences will be dismissed after the show in an organized fashion to avoid crowding. Additional exits from the theater will be open.


Hand Sanitizing Stations

Hand sanitation stations will be available at the entrance in the lobby and the main entry points in the theater on the main level and upstairs.


Enhanced Sanitation

All touch surfaces will be sanitized prior and during each performance. Includes: theater armrests, railings, doors, elevator buttons, lobby and bathroom surfaces.


Lobby Furniture Removed

Lobby couches, benches, and chairs will be removed to prevent congregating. Our lobby will open when seating begins so patrons go directly to their seats.


First Two Rows

The first rows in the theater will be left empty to allow more distance between patrons and actors on stage.


Digital Tickets

Patrons will be encouraged to have tickets emailed rather than picked up at Will Call when possible. Tickets ordered online will be email only.


Digital Programs

Electronic show programs will be available for viewing on personal cellular devices. Accessible through a QR code, our website, and reminder emails.


Sneeze Guards Installed

Sneeze guards will be installed at the box office and at the concessions counter to better prevent transmission of airborne pathogens.


Cashless Payment Encouraged

Cashless payments will be encouraged for purchases made at the box office and concession counter. Card payments can be swiped by the patron.


Employee Safety Measures

Employee temperatures will be taken prior to each shift and those with flu-like symptoms will stay home. Face-masks will be required.


Actor Wellness

Actor temperatures will be taken prior to performances before entering backstage. Actors will be encouraged to maintain safe habits to avoid illness.


Double Casting

All productions will have two complete casts. As much as possible each cast will be separated from the other to reduce potential spread if illness occurs.


Smaller Cast Sizes

Cast sizes will be limited to permit safe physical distancing during performances. Productions will be limited to shows with smaller cast sizes.


Meet and Greet

Meet and greets between actors and patrons will be suspended until restrictions are lifted for the health and safety of both the patrons and actors.


Actor Dressing Stations

With smaller cast sizes, physical distancing will be in effect in dressing rooms, in the actor break areas backstage, and around the theater.

FAQ’s about Cancelled Performances (March 16 - August 15, 2020)


What happened to my tickets that were cancelled because of COVID?

Tickets that were cancelled due to COVID were credited to a non-expiring gift card, allowing you to rebook when it’s convenient for you to do so.

When can I use my credit?

During this time of recovery, showings marked with an asterisk* allow COVID credit to be used. If you wish to attend at a later time your credit amount will not expire and can still be used towards your ticket purchase.

Will you honor my season ticket price?

Yes. If you held season tickets with us during our 2019-2020 season, you can add shows* during 2020 and 2021 into your 19/20 season ticket package for the same price until your credit is used up. You can also wait to use your credit for 2021 season tickets when they become available. Season tickets must be scheduled through the box office. *Some date exclusions apply.

When do 2020-2021 Season Tickets go on sale?

We don’t know yet! But be assured that 2019-2020 season ticket holders will be informed once information is available.

How do I use my credit?

For ease of use, we have added the gift card credit as a payment method in your account. If you have online access set up, select the gift card to pay for your purchase. Additionally, we can access the gift card through the box office and send the redemption information to you as needed.

What if I don’t want to use my credit this year?

No problem! Our gift cards never expire. If you do not want to use your credit this year or next year, you can still use the dollar amount on the gift card towards purchases at any point in the future. 

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer refunds. We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone. Our theater relies completely on ticket sales, and with no shows for the past 6 months we've also had no income. The credit you have received will not expire.

Who can I talk to if I have other questions?

We’re happy to help! Our box office is open Monday through Friday, from noon until 5pm. Please give us a call at 480-497-1181, or email us at boxoffice@haletheatrearizona.com.

Actor Safety Plan


Prior to the start of rehearsals:
  • Actors requested to socially distance prior to the beginning of rehearsals

  • Actors requested to follow CDC guidelines during the two weeks prior to the beginning of rehearsals: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/prevention.html 

  • Actors recommended to obtain a flu shot

During rehearsal process:
  • Temperature check at the beginning of each rehearsal 

  • Actors with a temp of more than 100.4F will be quarantined 

  • Enhanced cleaning practices of rehearsal area

  • Props disinfected before each rehearsal

  • Facemasks must be worn during the rehearsal process and will not be removed until run-throughs begin or until the director and cast reach a unanimous decision to no longer wear them. Please bring your own mask.

  • Directors and choreographers are encouraged to reduce the amount of touching and increase as much distance as possible

  • Continued social distancing requested of all actors

During performances: 
  • Temperature check at stage door

  • Call times strictly enforced to ensure appropriate screening 

  • Actors with a temp of more than 100.4F will be quarantined

  • Sweetener tracks will be recorded for group numbers to limit the amount of vocally produced aerosols. 

  • Recording will be done using physical distancing guidelines

  • Costumes cleaned regularly and separated on the rack for each actor with a plastic barrier. 

  • Actors wipe down dressing room area after each use (chair and counter) using provided supplies 

  • Enhanced cleaning practices

  • Disinfecting cleaner and hand sanitizer are located throughout dressing rooms, green room, and backstage/side stage areas 

  • Backstage areas will be strictly restricted to essential personnel only

  • Continued social distancing requested of all actors 

  • Facemask use by actors: 

  • Wearing face masks while in the dressing rooms and green room is strongly encouraged. 

  • All props are disinfected before each performance 

  • Cleaning supplies provided to additionally sanitize props as desired during performance