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Kiss and Tell  Comedy

September 12, 2017 - November 14, 2017

Book by F. Hugh Herbert
Directed by Cambrian James
Run Time: 2 hours and 10 minutes

Hugh Herbert’s 1940’s riotous romp entangles a family feud, a secret marriage, and a madcap dose of mistaken identity! Two teenage girls, Corliss Archer and Mildred Pringle, cause their respective parents much concern when they start to become interested in boys. The parent’s bickering about which girl is the worse influence causes more problems than it solves after both girls sell kisses for charity at the USO bazaar. It’s a “fresh, funny, and completely beguiling comedy about a small town Junior Miss."


Cast List

  • Meg Farnsworth as Corliss Archer
  • Allan DeWitt as Dexter Franklin
  • Mark Kleinman as Harry Archer
  • Laura Soldan as Janet Archer
  • Kale Burr as Private Jimmy Earhart
  • Lizzy Jensen as Mildred Pringle
  • Benjamin Harris as Lieutenant Lenny Archer
  • Jonah Romanoff as Raymond Pringle
  • Mary Beth Hollmann as Louise
  • Justin Howell as Bill Franklin
  • Dilcia Yanez-Rokusek as Mary Franklin
  • Matthew Cary as Mr. Willard/Robert Pringle
  • Ami Porter as Dorothy Pringle
  • Tom Endicott as Uncle George Archer