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Big River  Musical
April 4, 2019 - May 11, 2019

Book by William Hauptman
Music & Lyrics by Roger Miller
Director by Tim Dietlein
Music Director by Elizabeth Spencer
Run Time: 3 hours

Join the irrepressible Huck Finn on a musical journey as he helps his friend Jim, a slave, escape to freedom. Big River is a hilarious, suspenseful and heartwarming celebration of pure Americana, with a jubilant score of cajun, gospel, folk, country and blues by country music legend Roger Miller. Bring your family, bring your friends. We guarantee you a great night at the theatre!

Cast List

  • Nicholas Gunnell as Huckleberry Finn
  • Robert Collins as Jim
  • Kathleen Richards as Widow Douglas / Aunt Sally
  • Bonnie Romney as Miss Watson/Strange Woman
  • Joey Morrison as Judge Thatcher / Harvey Wilkes
  • Gary Caswell as Pap Finn/Sheriff Bell
  • Allan DeWitt as Tom Sawyer
  • Nathan Spector as Ben Rogers / Hank / Ensemble
  • Nick Williams as Jo Harper / Young Fool / Ensemble
  • Hunter Cuison as Simon / Ensemble
  • Kale Burr as Dick / Andy / Ensemble
  • Tim Fiscus as The King / Teacher
  • Matthew Harris as The Duke / Preacher
  • Tom Endicott as Silas Phelps / Counselor Robinson
  • Maya Weber as Mary Jane Wilkes / Ensemble
  • Emily Woodward-Shaw as Susan Wilkes / Ensemble
  • Annalise Decker as Joanna Wilkes / Ensemble
  • Savannah Alfred as Alice / Ensemble
  • Anne-lise Koyabe as Alice’s Daughter / Ensemble
  • Nathan Alfred as Male Gospel Singer / Ensemble
  • Pierre Brookins as Male Gospel Singer / Ensemble