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We are excited to have you as a Hale Theatre FlexPASS holder!

Please read below for instructions regarding reserving dates and seats.
If you would like to book some or all of your season ticket seats and dates now , (recommended!), please follow the instructions below . If you would prefer to book at some future date, just log in later and follow these instructions at your leisure. Remember, the earlier you book your seats and dates, the better options you will have. You may switch to a different day of the same show with at least 24 hours notice before your performance.

First, finish your FlexPASS purchase by completing payment.
• Once your purchase is completed, start a new order. You must start a new order in order to reserve your tickets.
• Select your preferred date for the first show you want to book using the PLAYS button near the top left of the screen.
• Select any available seat and choose the 'FlexPASS’ price. You may only book seats for as many FlexPASS packages as you bought. (Ex: If you purchased 3 FlexPASS bundles, you can book up to 3 ‘FlexPASS’ tickets for each show in your packages.) If you booked more than the allotted amount, an error will pop up when you try to complete the order. To add extra shows into your package, call the box office:  480-497-1181.
• Select the seats and 'add to order'.
• You'll see a 'confirmation page' with what you have selected thus far - if you want to reserve more of your shows, return to PLAYS and repeat.
• Once you have all your seats, click CONTINUE on the confirmation page.
• If you added extra tickets for family and friends, enter your payment information - if you did not, you'll notice you owe $0.
• Click 'buy' to complete the reservations! (you'll get a confirmation that pops up with ‘Order Created’)